cash back

How do I get 10% Cash Back?

Use an R333 merchant, spend a minimum of $333 (on ONE service OR different services provided by the same provider on the SAME day), upload your receipt, wait for the Rewards Dollars to be allocated to your R333 account, and then request 10% Cash Back!

Simply click on Get Cash Back Now, enter the e-transfer email address, and confirm the details. 

How long does it take to get Cash Back?

Once we receive your cash-back request, we will process it within 2 business days and an e-transfer will follow within the next 2 business days to the email provided. You will receive an email notification. If a security answer is required, you will receive an additional email, otherwise please check your account for the deposit.

Will my Reward Dollars ever expire?

No! Every cash-back request will default to Redeem all of your Reward Dollars!

Transaction fees

A transaction fee of $3.33 will be deducted from your Cash Back request amount. 

Uploading Receipts

Where do I upload my paid receipts?

You can Upload your receipts on our website OR via the iOS App! Once registered, click on MY ACCOUNT from the menu then click on RECEIPTS.  If you experience any issues, please email your receipt to co*****@re********.com


Can I add my spouse to my profile/account?

Your spouse should have their own account as each adult over the age of 18 must have their own profile.

Can I add my children to my profile/account?

Yes. Any child under the age of 18 can be added under one of their parents’ accounts.

How do I claim Cash Back for children under the age of 18?

Cash Back for children under the age of 18 will be uploaded to the parent’s account
and will be accessible in MY ACCOUNT. You can redeem their Reward Dollars through the same cash-back request process.